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Tianwei instrument safety, grasping quality, conti

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Tianwei instrument safety, grasping quality, conti

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Anhui Tianwei Instrument Co., Ltd. security standardization work created in July 2012, under the guidance of the company safety management office, earnestly carry out the enterprise safety production standard standards. In December 2012 to complete the audit information, and access to the "safety standards of three enterprises" honorary qualification. Three years, our company in accordance with the continuous improvement of safety standardization work, to further improve the safety management system and operational procedures, increase the risk of investigation and management activities, to carry out a variety of forms of safety training and education activities, the establishment of a sound system of production safety responsibility.
Since set up factories, our has an safety first, adhere to the quality and safety of the arms, the nearly ten years zero accident and zero accident. On the other hand, through the safety standardization of learning and training, improve the comprehensive quality of workers, so as to achieve the service skills and service level, to further strengthen the sense of security responsibility, colleagues to promote the spirit of the staff and workers, and enhance the cohesion of the enterprise.